Portrait of Rev Oliver HeywoodAt the end of 17th Century a Non-Conformist Chapel was built in Bingley known as the Presbyterian Dissenting Chapel, it later became Independent and then Congregational. In 1695 they installed their first Minister “Accepted Lister”.

A man stood outside Marley Hall

Oliver Heywood, the famous dissenting clergymen who was persecuted for preaching, wrote in his diary:

“On Thursday [5th September 1667]… I went to Bingley… and lodged at Marley Hall where I preached that night, the first meeting in private, I suppose, they have had in the parish. The Lord graciously assisted and brought together a considerable number who were much affected. Who knows but some good may be done!“

For anyone interested in a fuller history of our Church there is a book available at the Church called “Three hundred years of History 1695-1995” by Alison Kuhne. Available to buy on Amazon.