Lent 2022
Holy Habits – Following Jesus

During Lent this year there is the opportunity to gather – in person or via Zoom on the internet – to reflect on the example of the life of Jesus as we journey together towards the Cross and Resurrection of our Lord.

When: Fridays 4th 11th 19th and 25th March; 1st and 8th April

Where and when:
In the meeting room at Bingley URC at 10:30am
Repeated at the Manse at 1:30pm which can also be attended via Zoom
(Manse: 63 Westburn Crescent, Keighley BD22 6LN)

Who is this for?:
Anyone and everyone from across the pastorate. So anyone is welcome to join in either at Bingley URC or at the Manse, and if it isn’t possible to get to one of the meetings in one of the places you could go to the other one or even join via Zoom as an alternative.

What will we be doing?:
We will be drawing a the book “Holy Habits – Following Jesus” and each session will be somewhere between one hour long, and maximum of one and a half hours, depending on the specific content and amount of conversation. The book gives session outlines and suggestions for content, which those who lead will make use of, so you do not need to get the book. The sessions will vary a bit, but will have a visual focal point and contain Bible reading, some music, some discussion time and different approaches to reflecting on the theme.

What about the sessions?:
Title: Reflecting on:
1 Jesus guided by scripture Biblical teaching
2 Jesus serving with gladness Serving, gladness and generosity
3 Jesus sharing bread Breaking bread, sharing resources, eating together
4 Jesus praying Prayer, fellowship, worship
5 Jesus making disciples Making more disciples, eating together
6 Jesus generous under pressure Gladness and generosity, worship
Each session will be a complete theme, so if you can’t make it every time that is ok.

What do “I” have to do?
Turn up would be great! If you can come along you can participate as much or as little as is right for you. Simply being there and listening is absolutely fine, some people may want to add to conversation, some people may read the Bible passages, and in time of prayer some people may want to pray outloud – others in silence. All these options are perfect in their own way.

It would be lovely to see you and share with you in these sessions, even if you can only make one or two.

Rev. Annette Haigh