2022 marks the 18th year we at Bingley URC have sent a consignment of 64 brightly wrapped, filled shoe-boxes, via Teams4U, to some of the world’s poorest children.

The vast majority of ours have go to Eastern Europe and possibly Ukraine. We ensure that every box has a hat with gloves/mitts for warmth in the bitterly cold winters – an unheard of luxury for some kiddies. Also included are toiletries, stationery for school & pleasure, ball, toy, & novelty for the three age groups 3-5,6-11 & 12+ for both boys & girls. We now put in pants and socks for the boys & knickers and socks for the girls, another luxury for the poorest communities. Many thanks to all our volunteer knitters & all our other helpers.

We are greatly indebted to the ecumenical team at Meltham, Huddersfield, who not only collect our boxes, check them prior to dispatch but give us a lot of support in our efforts – Thank You Folks